The Heron

The Heron

Monday, May 29, 2017

My thoughts on Memorial Day

Hi there cloud friends!  I have a new finish to share but today my post is about Memorial Day.  Last night my DH and I watched the Memorial Day Concert from Washington DC.  We watch it every year.  For us, it is very important to not get so caught up in the fun holiday activities that we forget what this day is really about.  Before the concert there was a very moving program about the invasion of Normandy.  Seeing the American cemetery there, with all the crosses and stars of David ,was very moving.
We can't let this day go by without a tribute to our very special veteran.  Not a day goes by , that we are not thankful that he came home from two tours in Iraq.   While in Iraq, he flew Blackhawk helicopters. 

A Happy Memorial Day to all of you in the U.S. And for my friends in the rest of the world, have a wonderful week!